• ENSALADA DE LA CASA -Basic lettuce , tomato and onion salad         4.25

  • ENSALADA DE TOMATE - Fresh sliced tomatoes drizzled with first cold pressed
       extra virgin olive oil          5.25

  • ENSALADA CAESAR - Caesar’s salad     7.25

  • ENSALADILLA RUSA  - A classic Spanish salad with potatoes , carrots , hard
       boiled egg , imported white North Atlantic Tuna , green peas and mayonnaise
       garnished with piquillo peppers and olives         7.50

  • ENSALADA DE POLLO - Homemade chicken salad with croquettes and fries 9.75

  • ESPARRAGOS " COJONUDOS" D. O. NAVARRA -White buttery  asparagus
       from Navarra . King Juan Carlos sampled a couple of these extra thick beauties and
       exclaimed 'Cojonudos!’ which is a slightly off-color slang for terrific!!!!!!!        21.95

  • ENSALADA DE AGUACATE—Avocado salad (seasonal)         Market Price

  • ENSALADA ESPAÑOLA -  Our specialty salad . Imported white North Atlantic Tuna , hard
    boiled egg , artichoke heart , fresh sliced tomatoes , red peppers , white  asparagus and green
    Spanish olives on a bed of lettuce with our exclusive vinaigrette dressing made with first cold
    pressed extra virgin olive oil          1